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Isarey Language Services is a specialist Chinese translation company providing fast and accurate translations into Mandarin, Cantonese, Wu and Min Chinese.

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Chinese to English translations
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English to Chinese translations
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*The rates given are based on non-urgent translations of more than 3000 words, to be used for internal and information purposes only and containing no technical or specialist language. All rates are subject to change without notice, and exclude VAT where clients are based in the European Union..

Over one billion people speak some variety of Chinese as their native language - about one-fifth of the world's population. Chinese is made up of a number of regional language varieties, including Mandarin, Wu, Cantonese, and Min. Mandarin is spoken in northern and south-western China, Wu Chinese is spoken around Shanghai and Cantonese is spoken in Southern China, especially in Hong Kong and Macao, and is also widely spoken by overseas Chinese communities.

Mandarin forms the basis of Standard Chinese, the official spoken language of the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China (Taiwan) and an official language of Singapore and of the United Nations. The People's Republic of China and Singapore officially uses Simplified Chinese characters, while in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan traditional Chinese characters are currently used.


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For many western professionals looking to do business with Chinese companies, tackling the complex cultural issues is a daunting prospect.

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Over the last decade China has become an important partner for almost every Caribbean nation. Its engagement is extensive with projects funded by the Chinese government, state banks or by private sector Chinese companies.

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Isarey Language Services
Isarey Language Services
Isarey Language Services
Isarey Language Services

    If you have documents that need translating to or from Chinese, you can rely on us to provide a quick and efficient, no-nonsense translation service. We work with a network of talented translators and selected Chinese translation agencies to deliver expert, talior-made Chinese translation services dedicated to companies and organisations, with assured quality and highly competitive rates.

    Our Chinese translators are especially chosen for their commitment to quality, their experience and diligence. We work both with skilled, individual translators and with local Chinese translation companies, depending on the specific requirements of each project. In all cases, we seek out translators who are always ready to put that little buit extra into their work, ensuring that specialist Chinese vocabulary is thoroughly researched and that every final text is well-written, precise and effective. All documents are translated by native speakers of the language being translated into.

    We work with a network of specialist Chinese translators and translation agencies to ensure that we always have translators available with specific expertise to effectively handle different types of Chinese technical, financial and legal texts, including contracts and agreements, legislation, terms and conditions of sale, annual reports, proposals etc.

    If you are looking to translate your website into Chinese, we provide a comprehensive website and localisation service, connecting you directly with your Chinese-speaking customers. Whether you just want to translate your homepage into Chinese or if your company has a large, dynamic website with a regular need to translate new content, we bring a range of Chinese translation skills to ensure persuasive and engaging content, with clear and precise information and consistent terminology and style that is effectively adapted to your local target market.

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